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Using Geeni with Alexa

(1). Download our “Geeni” app in Google Play or iOS App Store;
(2). Register a new account in the “Geeni” app (or login if you’re already registered).
(3). Connect the Geeni smart devices and use the “Geeni” app to configure it;
(4). IMPORTANT: You can rename your devices in the Geeni app, and Alexa will refer to them by the same name. So if you rename a smart bulb to be called “Living Room” or a nickname like “Blossom”, then Alexa will use that same nickname later on.

Alternatively, you create an Alexa group, like “Bedroom” or “Downstairs”, and add the device to the group. Alexa will recognize the Group name in the Alexa app, or the device name in the Geeni app. More information is available at

(5). Download Amazon “Alexa” app from Amazon Market, Google Play or iOS App Store;
(6). Configure Echo with “Alexa” app;
(7). Search the Alexa Skills directory for “Geeni”;
(8). Click Enable skill of “Geeni”, and you’ll be navigated to a login page;
(9). Input your account username and password, you’ll be redirect to the success page;
(10). Now all setup is finished. Please follow the instructions to start to use “Geeni” skills:

“Alexa,discover my devices.”
“Alexa,turn on the bedroom light.”
“Alexa,turn off the bedroom light.”
“Alexa,set the bedroom light to 50%.”
“Alexa,increase the bedroom light to 50%.”
“Alexa,decrease the bedroom light to 50%.”